Focus on emotion and experience with our added services

Boost your booth


Take the next step

A surprising act, an interactive game or cosy cocktail bar, create a complete stand experience. Invite your visitor into a story about your product or your brand and make a lasting impression!


Create an amazing experience

Audio-visual applications are constantly evolving, not just us, but also with your company. An imposing or minimalist LED wall? A Virtual or Augmented Reality application? We provide the most innovative solutions with a WOW factor!


Extra effort, extra leads

Go for it. Go further than others do and set yourself apart from the rest. From trendy plants to catering & cleaning service, we offer a solution for everything!


Capture your story in images

Would you like to have a lasting reminder of your expo experience? Aktual can provide this with a professional photo shoot or aftermovie of your stand. Relive your exhibition experience later in a marketing campaign or on social media.


Measuring is knowledge

Make use of our handy analysis tools and apps so as to measure your efforts. Who are your visitors? What’s driven them to your stand, what impression are they left with… ? You gain a better understanding of your target group and your expo experience. Make use of the data when preparing for your next exhibition stand or event and use what you’ve learnt.

Get your preliminary design for free!

Do you want an exhibition stand with just that little bit extra? Do you want to focus on experience and emotion? Together we make your booth ‘the talk of the exhibition’. We handle everything! You can also use our added services for your in-house event, such as the (re)opening of your showroom or office. This will ensure you make a lasting impression!

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