Boost your brand perception with these four COVID 19 prevention materials

2020 was a year like none we’ve ever experienced. At just about every entrance to shops, companies and public buildings we saw disinfectant hand gels appearing. Masks became the new fashion item. And protection screens on shop counters have become the most normal thing in the world. It’s amazing how quickly we got used to this new normal.

As a company you can make the difference by (continuing to) invest in professional COVID 19 prevention materials. In this article we list some useful products that will certainly make a strong impression on customers, business contacts and employees. Your brand perception will undoubtedly be enhanced.

1. Disinfection columns: here to stay!

The standard soap dispenser at the entrance is gradually becoming a thing of the past. Your visitors deserve a better welcome with a professional automatic dispenser. Opt for a disinfection column with your own logo and appropriate message. Indispensable for a positive brand experience!

2. Masks – the new fashion item!

“Did I bring my mask?” It’s probably one of the most often heard questions in 2020. Treat your sales reps, customers, employees and business associates to a personalised mask. Brand visibility guaranteed!

3. Protective screens: stylish protection.

Screens offer the best protection for your employees and visitors. They significantly reduce the risk of infection. Screens are available in plexiglass or safety glass. You can change the colour of the feet to your liking.

4. Floor stickers: signage in your corporate colours

Usher Corona out of the world with professional signage! Install clear Corona signage such as signposts and arrows showing the circulation direction in your space. This is something your visitors are likely to appreciate. It’s also best to clearly display the most important Corona measures in your shop. Looking for a stylish solution? Then consider having professional wall and floor stickers printed, fully personalised with your corporate identity and logo.

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