Four reasons to pay attention to your interior branding

Are you on the point of fitting out a new shell space? This is a unique opportunity to put your brand at the heart of the new interior. And you can also make your brand shine with a thorough renovation. More and more companies, and certainly not only the big players, are paying attention to their interior branding. But what exactly is interior branding and what power does it have? You’ll find out in this article!

Interior branding is… creating an experience

You don’t have to be an accomplished marketing expert to realise that branding doesn’t stop when your logo is on your window or when your website is online. We live in an ‘experience’ economy. The range of products and services on offer today is enormous and ‘a good product alone’ is no longer enough to convince leads. The feeling that your customers have when visiting your shop, showroom or office determines the choices they will make. Your brand comes to life in your interior and (hopefully!) creates an emotional bond with your customers.

Interior branding is… responding to the senses

With a well-thought-out mix of materials, you’ll undoubtedly influence the feeling of your visitor. (Preferably in a positive way!) A branded interior has a recognisable and unique mix of light, materials, colours, furniture and even scent. The properties that customers associate with the materials used (expensive, ecological, exclusive, sexy, etc.) also have an influence on their experience. Wood, for example, is a warm and natural material that evokes a feeling of home and cosiness. Real natural stone will evoke a more expensive connotation than vinyl.

Tip: Create a mood board with materials that correspond to the wishes and expectations of your customers. Our experienced project managers and designers can help you with this! Request your moodboard session now. Afterwards you’ll receive a free preliminary design + quotation. Rather handy, wouldn’t you say?

Interior branding is… standing out and setting your business apart

Standing out in business is no longer easy. Many sectors are already so saturated that there’s an oversupply of companies. This means heavy competition. That’s why it’s so important to stand out, to be different from everyone else. Think of the fashion world. For clothing brands, for example, the shop interior is the best way of setting the brand apart. Customers need to want to go into the shop. Your office, your meeting room, your showroom can also ‘stand out’ and make an unforgettable impression on your visitor.

Interior branding is … building a clear brand identity

Whether you have one shop in the city or different buildings and spaces across the country, when it comes to interior branding consistency is always important. Interior branding helps to create a clear consistent brand. You apply the same rules there as you would for other marketing aspects.

Interior branding is… using your physical location as a channel of communication

Tastefully decorated spaces give your visitor a good feeling and you can achieve a lot with that effect! This is an example of how your shop can create added value compared to online shopping. Or, by playing with colours and materials, you can create an ‘insta proof’ location that attracts people and encourages them to post it on instagram. As a result, your online communication will grow, creating more awareness.

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