Virtual tour: fun option or indispensable?

Suppose you invest in a new showroom or in a top-notch exhibition stand. Wouldn’t it be nice to receive visitors not only offline but also online? With a virtual tour your location is digitally accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s a simulation of your space based on photos or a 3D design.

Extra contact with your audience

Through a virtual tour, your customers enter your company from any location, using any device. It offers your visitors the opportunity to look around quietly and move around your space as if they were actually there. You can add sounds and use multifunctional hotspots and clickable objects to enable your visitors to discover all sorts of things: videos, photos, information sheets, etc. Even spaces that are not physically available can be made digitally accessible through photos or a 3D design. Your company’s exhibition stand becomes permanently accessible.

New sales opportunities

A second undeniable advantage, and as far as we are concerned an important condition for success, is that with a virtual tour you can respond to the information needs of your audience reasonably early on in the sales process. Suppose you invest in a new showroom or in a top-notch exhibition stand. A kitchen builder, for example, can make information sheets or price lists available in a virtual tour via icons (‘hotspots’) for kitchen appliances or worktops. Potential customers can then download, print or email that information to themselves at home. They can then take these with them to the showroom or keep the information for later in the purchase process. This leads to new sales opportunities!

More engagement on your website

A click to your website is valuable. However, you’ll only be successful if you manage to attract the visitor’s attention for long enough! A virtual tour is a good example of engaging content’, or content that increases engagement. It’s interactive, fun to do and makes your website more attractive. With a virtual tour you leave a lasting impression on your visitors and encourage them to take action: fill a shopping basket, watch a video, ask a question via your chat box, etc.

Increased customer trust

For many companies, having a virtual tour that comes up in a Google search has become vital. This is especially true for hotels, restaurants and companies with showrooms. If people have the opportunity to look directly into your company via Google Maps or via the Google search engine, it inspires confidence. If the virtual tour is convincing, people will be more likely to book a hotel room, a table or make the trip to your showroom.

Virtual tour: fun option or indispensable?

Honestly? At Aktual we find that once you’ve decorated a beautiful space or you have a 3D design, most of the work has actually been done. A virtual tour is one more small step that can be taken quickly and will certainly pay off.

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