ATAG gives its customers a warm welcome

For the ATAG building in Duiven (NL) we developed an entrance hall, which is warm and inviting and where there is immediately strong communication around the brand and the products.








Leaving a (good) first impression with visitors is essential for a brand like ATAG. The entrance hall and central staircase of this building therefore got a complete makeover! The result is a modern space where everything is finished to perfection: new flooring, doors, ceilings, sanitary facilities, painting, etc.

ATAG Benelux is active in the Benelux with three kitchen appliances brands and two white goods brands: ASKO, ATAG, PELGRIM, Hisense and ETNA. In the space, attention is paid to each of these brands. For example, for each brand a promotional film or slideshow is played on one of the Hisense screens next to the stairs. The floating eye-catcher above the information desk gives the products a physical place in the interior. A stylish list of all the brand names behind the counter supports the whole.

As a long-standing partner, Aktual knows exactly what we expect and vice versa.
─  Maarten Visschedijk, Events & Partnerships Manager ATAG

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