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Stylish and durable office extension

WESTPOLE moves into an office in Mont-Saint-Guibert to expand its premises. With a mix of wood accents, sleek desks and lots of visual greenery, a pleasant workplace was created for the management, HR and sales staff.

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Westpole is a leading player in the field of Cloud Computing and Business Automation. In addition, the company manages the strategic information systems of government institutions in Belgium, Luxembourg and Italy, as well as the European Union. A large meeting room and a saferoom for confidential matters were must have requirements in the space. We translated their existing corporate identity into a functional and stylish interior design.

With attention to budget and sustainability, some existing elements such as the kitchen and the aluminium frames have been preserved. The flooring has been replaced and the entire room freshened up with a new coat of paint. We’ve used the existing aluminium frames to create a new layout in the landscape office.

The whole looks very attractive thanks to the visual green and open space.
─  Indra, interior designer, Aktual

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