Ordering an exhibition stand? This is how you give the perfect briefing.

As a stand builder, we need information from our clients to create a strong design for their trade show stand. This is why we organize a brainstorming session with the company for each new partnership. During this discussion, seven important themes are addressed for every project. This article tells you all about them.

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1. What is your corporate identity?

To begin with, we’d like to get to know your company. We’ll ask you to briefly describe your activities. What are your products and services? What is your your house style? And something that’s especially important to know: What do you stand for? And what sets you apart from others?

Based on your input, our designers form an image of the personality of your company. They then express this in the design of the exhibition stand.


2. Who are your competitors?

Which competitors do we need to consider? Will they also be at the trade fair? What do they do better? Where will your competitor’s stand be?

This information helps us to set your stand apart from the competition.


3. Who is your target group?

Which exhibition visitors are relevant for your company and your brand? Do they already know your company, activities or brand? Or not quite everything?

On this basis, we create a concept that appeals to your target group. With the right visuals and keywords, we ensure that your stand is attractive and stands out. That’s what we call stopping power.


4. What story do you want to tell at the trade fair?

Determine in advance a clear message or story that appeals to the aforementioned potentially interested visitors. What products or services do you want to promote? A potential customer always wants to know: “What’s in it for me?” So, what do you offer your ideal customer? Why should people choose your company or brand?

This information helps us to make the most of your offer and your brand story at the exhibition stand. Some products are best promoted through a display, others through a digital experience. Some products need a lot of framing, others are better off in a sober atmosphere. This is how we create a concept that really works.


5. What are your goals and how will you measure them?

When you take part in a trade fair, you want to achieve something. You can set one goal first, such as collecting new leads. But of course there can be more than one goal. For example: greater awareness of a new product, strengthening your image as a market leader and collecting new leads.

It’s important that you can actually measure the results. This will enable you to determine whether you’ve achieved your goals after the trade fair. It can sometimes be useful to use a registration software.


6. What’s your budget?

For the goals you’re seeking to achieve there is, of course, always a marketing budget. To give you an idea: companies spend on average 40% of the total exhibition budget on the design and construction of the stand. The remaining 60% is spent on other costs such as rental of the stand, manning the stand and promotion.

Once our designers have an idea of your budget, they can better assess how far they can go in their design and where they may need to opt for budget solutions.


7. What practical matters should be taken into account?

Once you have booked your stand, you already have a lot of useful information for your stand builder. How big will your stand be and what are the exact dimensions? Which sides are open? What is the location of your stand in the exhibition hall?

Based on this, we can estimate visitor flows and convert the available floor area into an optimal design.

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21 smart questions before you start

Do you want to give the perfect briefing to your stand builder? These 21 concrete questions will help you!